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Hörmann UAP 1 controlled from KNX

12. March 2020 12:13 by Jens Willy Johannsen
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The final interface board (click for full size)

In our new house, we're installing KNX as the primary infrastructure for home automation.
And obviously, I want to connect the garage door to the home automation system. Both to be able to run automations whenever the door opens or closes and to be able to control it from other devices than the standard remote control.

My solution comprises the following components:

KNX bus → KNX I/O unit → interface board → UAP 1 → garage door opener → scary outside world

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KNX components with LPC11U68 MCU

25. November 2019 13:34 by Jens Willy Johannsen
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We're building a new house at the moment so I'm looking into various flavors of home automation right now. And even though many people seem to go with Philips HUE-based solutions, I've decided on using KNX instead. There are both advantages and disadvantages but that's an entirely different post.

Obviously I want to be able to add my own components to the setup – both as actuators (i.e. things that are controlled by automation/switches, like lights, relays, motors) and as sensors (i.e. inputs that can trigger stuff, like switches, light sensors, motion sensors, …).

Since my weapon of choice at the moment is NXP's 32 bit ARM LPC11U00 series, the job at hand is as follows:

Connect an LPC11U68 to a KNX bus and observe and send data objects.

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Blue Maestro sensor, openHAB or Home Assistant and HomeKit

28. June 2019 21:27 by Jens Willy Johannsen
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Since I’m already working on a device for showing the temperature reported from a Bluetooth sensor (read more) and I’ve also been doing some home automation stuff using openHAB and Home Assistant, I thought it ought to be possible to get the openHAB server to report the temperature as well. It is. This is how it works:

  1. The BLE device reports the current temperature in BLE advertisement packages.
  2. The Raspberry Pi server runs a Python script as a service that performs BLE scanning and looks at the advertisement packages, identifying and parsing packages from the BLE device.
  3. Whenever a matching BLE advertisement package is found, the current temperature is extracted (along with humidity and dewpoint) and posted to an MQTT server.

For openHAB:

  1. The openHAB server running on the same Raspberry Pi uses the MQTT Binding to connect to the MQTT server and things and items are configured to subscribe to the appropriate topics and expose the temperature and timestamp.
  2. The openHAB server also uses the HomeKit Add-on to publish the temperature as a HomeKit compatible temperature sensor so it's available on all my iOS/watchOS/macOS devices.

For Home Assistant:

  1. The Home Assistant running on another Raspberry Pi using uses an MQTT connection to expose the values as sensor readings.
  2. … and also uses the HomeKit integration to publish the temperature to Apple HomeKit. Which works perfectly out of the box.

Awesome. But there were several steps along the path. Read on for the details and code...

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