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EAGLEView app now open source

27. January 2015 22:16 by Jens Willy Johannsen
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Now open source. Collaborators welcome.

I have come to the conclusion that I simply do not have enough time to finish the EAGLEView app by myself. So I have decided to release the app as open source so everyone can download the source and build it.

Also, people are welcome (more than welcome, in fact) to contribute to the project.

The app is not finished but lots of functionality is already in place. These features already work:

  • Display schematic and board files. EAGLE version 6 or higher.
  • Open .sch or .brd file from Dropbox
  • Open files by clicking links to .sch, .brd or .zip files (the zip file will be extracted and scanned for .sch and .brd files)
  • Pan and zoom
  • Click component to see details
  • Search for specific components by name or value
  • Show/hide individual layers
  • Support for multiple modules

There is also some stuff that is not yet implemented. Among these are:

  • Ploygon pours. (At the moment, the entire polygon will be filled completely.)
  • Need to speed up drawing routines to avoid flickering when redrawing.
  • Support for multiple sheets
  • Different shapes for SMD pads
  • Get the zoom-to-fit working properly
  • And other stuff – refer to the todo.txt file

The GitHub repo is here:

EAGLEView app

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