EAGLE Viewer for iOS

I've made quite a lot of progress on my EAGLE Viewer for iOS. Firstly, it's not just iPad anymore – now all functionality is on iPhone too.

Secondly, it now displays both schematic and board files.

And a lot of other improvements:

  1. Layers
  2. Popup showing component info when tapping an object
  3. Auto-diameter for pads

Here's a couple of screenshots:

EAGLE Viewer for iOS – click for larger image

EAGLE Viewer for iOS – click for larger image

EAGLE Viewer of iOS: iPhone – click for large image

EAGLE Viewer of iOS: iPhone – click for large image

There is still a lot of stuff remaining. I'm not looking forward to the "polygon pour" drawing routine. I can parse the draw the polygons fine, but I need to not fill the polygon where there are other signals, holes and keepouts. Tricky stuff...

13 comments on "EAGLE Viewer for iOS"
Joseph says:

Nice work! Since you're an iOS developer and you own a cc2540 kit, like I do, I was curious if you have been able to get the cc2540 dongle from TI to work with the iOS simulator? I know apple has disabled the bluetooth dongle support in the os 7.0 simulator , but I am running 6.1.

Jens Willy Johannsen says:

@Joseph: I don't actually have a CC2540 dongle so I've never tried...

Johan Kanflo says:

Looks promising! I think it would be useful to have a UISwitch to prevent the iDevice from going to sleep. Could be handy when soldering and not having to unlock the screen every now and then.

Jens Willy Johannsen says:

Good idea, Johan. I'll add that.

Dave (VA7DB) says:

Would gladly pay for a pcb viewer / design layout / autorouter for the iPad...... Great effort and Thanks for trying anyway ! Dave VA7DB Vancouver Canada

Jason says:

Is there anything you can't do Jens? Nice work man.

Mike says:

Oh please say this is true! Great work and I would definitely pay for this. Any updates? Can I be a guinea pig?

Alessandro says:

Seems very nice, hope it will be available soon!

Jody says:

Oh this looks like pure joy! I can't wait to see this gem in the App Store

Nick R says:

Fantastic, really excellent idea, so look forward to this appearing in the store. Please keep up the good work. Would be very happy to pay for this, even if only basic functionality.

Pinit says:

Will be really happy to pay for this app.

Eryk says:


How is the progress on this project do you have an eta for it?


suman says:


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