EAGLE viewer for iPad

EAGLE Viewer – coming soon to an iPad near you…

Many a time I have found myself sitting at my workbench and desperately wished for a way of viewing the latest revision of an EAGLE schematic or board file on my iPad. But, alas, no such app exists in the App Store.

So I'm making my own. And it will be free on the App Store when it is finished, or course.

So far I can:

  1. Open schematic files from Dropbox
  2. Open schematic files directly or when they are contained in a zip archive from another app – Mail or Safari, for example
  3. Display the schematic (kinda the core feature, you might say). There is still some work to be done here before all shapes can be displayed properly.
  4. Pan and zoom using standard iOS gestures (pan, pinch)

The next features on the list are:

  • Show/hide layers
  • Component info popup on tap
  • Displaying board files

If you guys have any wishes, feel free to post them in the comments.

Here's a screenshot of how it looks now:

EAGLE Viewer screenshot – click for larger version

EAGLE Viewer screenshot – click for larger version

EAGLE Viewer screenshot (Dropbox) – click for larger version

EAGLE Viewer screenshot (Dropbox) – click for larger version

11 comments on "EAGLE viewer for iPad"
Jennifer says:

Where can i find your application ? I develop on IPhone, i will test your application and may be help you.


Jens Willy Johannsen says:

Hi Jennifer. Thank you, but the app is not yet ready for other external testers.

v.jha says:

how long? we have been desperately waiting for the app.

Jesper says:


This is a truly great idea and I look forward to the result. Keep up the good work and just shot if you need more external testers.

Ha det flott!

Ric says:

Just to add my words of encouragement - will be a hit with many. Keep at it!

Clay says:

Any update on this? Use eagle for work and lugging around a laptop and printing out PDFs is kind of a pain. Would be great to see this app.

is there an update on availability of this app?
Would like to spend some money on it :-)

Please take my money soon!


I like to encourage you to finish this ap. Eagle has a large following and having in ipad would be indepensible for field support. Ability to print screen shots important, markup notes on top usefull.

Agustin says:

I second Mr Kroll's comment of encouragement and take my money now!
However I see your last post was before swift programming language, I do encourage you to finish it first!

Roger says:

Hi, how is your Eagle viewer app coming along and is it available for download for my iPad 2.
It will certainly be a big help to me when soldering up a PCB on the workbench instead of PC Workstation.

Many thanks and best wishes .......... Roger

Jens Willy Johannsen says:

Hi Roger,

I stopped working on it a while ago but the source code is available for download.
See this post:

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