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ROV power board

24. May 2013 15:12 by Jens Willy Johannsen
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Here are Eagle schematic and board files as well as BOM for the ROV power board.
I moved all the high voltage/current stuff to a separate PCB and separated the control connections by using optocouplers.

That should help avoiding the electrical noise from the power MOSFETs switching at 20 kHz for the thruster motors.


Amount Item Spec RS no. Comment
1 TE Micro-MaTch 12 pos female 6804978 Or just solder wires directly to the board
1 TE Micro-MaTch 12 pos male 6804993
1 12 lead ribbon cable 2899852 This is actually 14 leads. Peel off two or use separate wires.
6 IRLS3034-7 MOSFET 6887257
6 FOD3180 optocoupler DIP-SMD 6712706
7 Screw terminals BLK 4813989
7 Screw terminals RED 4813973
6 SMD diode S5BC 7514821
6 SMD capacitor 100 µF 7472871
6 Ceramic bypass cap. 0805 0.1 µF 6480979 Or any other 0.1 µF 0805 ceramic cap.


Eagle schematic and board files

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Great reply to the “3D printed gun” media frenzy

7. May 2013 15:03 by Jens Willy Johannsen
Categories: 3D printing

The past few days, the media have been having a field day with the "now you can 3D print you own gun" story. (Here on BBC for example).

Do yourself a favour and read this comment on Hackaday before you join the choir…

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