3D printed camera holder

Here's another 3D printed component: a tiltable camera holder. It consists of two parts: the base and the front plate. The front plate has four standoffs with 2 mm holes for mounting the camera PCB with M2 machine screws. It also has a small bracket with a 1 mm hole for the rod that connects to the servo.

The front plate is attached to the base by M2 machine screws. The holes in the base are larger than the screws so they can rotate freely and a washer between the screw head prevents the screw head from digging into the plastic.

Here is a model of the front plate (modelled in ViaCAD 2D/3D) and the front plate and base assembled and checked for clearance when rotating in Autodesk Inventor Fusion (click for full-size):


And there is the finished and assembled piece:

3D printed camera holder (click for full-size image)

3D printed camera holder (click for full-size image)

CAD files

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Daniel Kuntz says:

Can you provide the CAD files for this?

Jens Willy Johannsen says:

CAD files uploaded. Both as STL and as Fusion 360 file.

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