Prototype working

I have gotten a prototype assembled and working. So far, I've got the following working:

iOS app

  • Connect and disconnect to devices advertising a specific service UUID
  • Automatically connect if a known device UUID is found
  • Read RESPONSE attribute (although it is not used for anything at the moment)
  • Receive notifications when the RESPONSE attribute is updated
  • Send commands by updating the COMMAND attribute
BLE112 module
  • Send commands  to the MCU over serial USART when the COMMAND attribute is updated. (Only the command type is sent now – the sequence ID is not yet included.)
  • Commands are also sent to the MCU when a client device connects or disconnects (which is ignored at the moment).
  • Record an IR signal and store it in the EEPROM.
  • Playback the IR signal stored in EEPROM (or a hardcoded test sequence).
  • Write the stored IR signal to serial for debugging.
  • Respond to commands received on the serial line and trigger recording, playback or one of the debugging commands.

And it works! I can switch my television on and off from my iPhone :)
Next step is to use both high-intensity and wide-angle IR LEDS and to drive them at much higher power (right now the one wide-angle LED is being driven directly by the MCU – which you should never do).

Here is a picture of the prototype in all its glory:

(Click for full-size version.)

And here is another picture with the individual parts labelled:

(Click for full-size version.)

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Manuel says:

Your work is really good.
I'm working in a similar proyect, but i can't figurate out how to save ir code into the eeprom memory.
Could you share that part of your code??
It will be very helpfull for me

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