Four buttons and a MOSFET

I've made a couple of upgrades to the iPhone app: it now has four command buttons as well as "Toggle debug window", "Record IR" and "Scan for devices" buttons. The command buttons and the Record button are only enabled when a device is connected. And the Scan button is only visible (replaces the Record button) when no device is connecte

The app now starts searching automatically when becoming active. If it discovers the last device it was connected to, it connects immediately. Otherwise, it shows a list of devices and lets the user pick a device to connect to. Only devices that advertise the correct service UUID are listed.

The UI also got a little upgrade – it's still just a prototype, mind you...


Screen shots (click for full-size version):


Also, I've added a MOSFET (IRL1404 – for the PCB version I'll use a IRLML2502) to drive the IR LED with more power. Before, the LED was just driven directly from a MCU pin (which, as everyone knows, is bad form). Now, the MCU pin is connected to the gate of the MOSFET (logic-level) which turns on the LED and current limiting resistor for 100 mA in a common-source configuration.

As expected, the range improved tremendously. And I'm still only using one wide-angle LED.


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