BLE112 prototype

I've made some progress on the BLE112 module. So far, I have:

  • Got it wired up in the most basic configurations (VDD, GND, debugging and RESET and TX/RX for UART1, alternative 1 and UART0, alternative 2).
  • Got the CC Debugger working.
  • Created a project consisting of a hardware setup specification, a simple GATT specification and a BGScript.
  • Created an iPhone app that scans for Bluetooth LE devices with the required service UUID, connects to a peripheral and finds the two required attributes (one for sending commands to the BLE112 and one for reading responses).

So far, so good. But I've run into a small problem: I can send serial data from the BLE112 (in response to a startup event or when an attribute changes its value – like when the iOS app writes a value to the command attribute) but I can't seem to receive serial data on the BLE112. Everything should be configured correctly (I think) but the event handler simply doesn't get called in the BGScript.

Maybe the port needs to configured differently. Or maybe I will give up and try using SPI instead and see if that helps.

However, since the BLE112 is used only to receive commands from the iPhone and pass them on to the MCU (like "send IR code such-and-such"), I may not even need to send data from the MCU to the BLE112...

I'll do some more troubleshooting and see if I find a solution.

(It seems I'm not the only one with this problem.)

4 comments on "BLE112 prototype"
Justin says:

Hey there, I'm interested in chatting with you on how you wired up the BLE112. Shoot me an email when you get a chance please. Great post!

Bal says:

Hi, I too am interested in how you wired up your module for the protoyping. I've porgrammed my module on the dev board, and now I want to program one of the included modules. Just not sure how to move forward with the wiring and soldering (a little advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

chrispedersen says:


We are trying to use the ble113 for the same purposes as you - sending and receiving data but are having problems. Did you ever solve the direction question?


Jens Willy Johannsen says:

@Chris: no actually, I gave up and settled for a solution where I just send data from the BLE to the MCU but never receive anything since I don't actually need to communicate back from the remote to the app.

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