PCB layout done

First version of the PCB for the RGB Tumbler is ready. Although usually I do through a couple of revisions before I send it off and get it made.

The PCB ended up somewhat larger that I had originally planned. It is currently 3.6 x 3.6 mm.

Here are pictures of the PCB printed in 1:1 scale and populated with components to verify that everything fits (click for larger images):

Top side (click for large version)

Bottom side (click for large version)

I need to move the slide switch a bit up to make room for the 10 µF capacitor. And I will also move the battery holder up a little bit. The NCP1402 voltage booster almost touches it. Apart from that, everything looks pretty good.

Another problem is that I ended up placing several vias directly under thethe battery. This may not be the best thing. Especially since the vias on ITead's PCBs (ITead Studio is where I get my PCBs made) are not always completely covered (even though the Gerber files say they should be covered). I guess I'll just have to cover the vias myself with some tape or something).

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