No-button calibration

As I explained in my last post I need to include an accelerometer calibration routine in the RGB Tumbler. But I don't want to add one or two buttons – it would take up way too much space on the PCB.
So I thought about how I could choose between "normal mode" and "calibration mode" without a keeping a button pressed on power-up and I came up with this:

On power-up, the MCU checks an EEPROM variable to see if it should go into calibration mode. If this variable is not set, the MCU sets the variable, waits one second and then clears the variable again. This means that if the user quickly (within one second) turns the device on and then immediately off, the EEPROM variable is set (because the MCU never gets to clear it before being turned off) and the next power-up will put the device into calibration mode.

For the calibration itself I will rely on delays instead of pushing a button on indicate that the device is in a new position (we need six positions for calibration). So I will flash the LED for a couple of seconds (four) and then take a reading and then repeat the process five more times. So when the LED flashes rapidly the user must change the device orientation and hold it still.
After all six readings have been taken the black magic-based calculations will be done (Gauss-Newton-based, actually but for me it amounts to the same thing) and the resulting calibration values will be stored in the EEPROM.

If this didn't make sense, then read the rest of the post to see flow charts attempting to explain the same thing.

Power-up sequence

If the device if switched off before "X ms" (which will probably be either 500 ms or 1000 ms), the EEPROM_calibrate variable will never get reset to 0 and so on the next power-up, it will go into calibration mode.

The calibration flow looks like this:

Calibration flow


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Bhabani Nayak says:


I have a problem with followiung the tutorial from ralf Schmidt as i didnt involve the switches. can you kindly guide me how can i calibrate my sensor without using the switches.
Here i have mentioned the problem|3.8974

Thank you a lot.

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