Accelerometer calibration

I received a bunch of stuff yesterday – including the ADXL335 breakout board and immediately wired it up to see what kind of output I got. Everything worked nicely except the voltage on the X-axis was nearly 300 mV different from the Y-axis (!) when the accelerometer was lying flat on the table (and thus being subjected to 0 G on both X and Y). The Y- and Z-axes looked ok. Weird. And frustrating. Everything I've read about the ADXL335 (including the datasheet) led me to believe that at 0 G, the voltages on all three axes should be pretty much the same.

Anyway, after lots of Googling and scratching my head, I finally stumbled upon Rolfe Schmidt's blog where he has a lot of information about ADXL335 calibration. I don't pretend to understand the math behind Gauss-Newton algorithms but it worked perfectly!

The calibration values I got did indeed suggest that the X and Y axes were horribly miscalibrated. Maybe this particular unit is damaged – who knows. But I'll be sure to include a calibration routine in the MCU software.

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