Board assembled

I have received the PCBs and assembled the first one. Everything expect connections to external components, that is.

Here's a picture. It looks pretty much like the rendering. And I know: some of the soldering joints could have been made better but bear in mind that this is my first SMD soldering attempt so I'm actually pretty pleased with the result.

PCB with all SMD components (click for larger version)

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Shawn says:

Does it work? no updates.. I will buy the parts to assemble this if you can sell them?

Need 170 rds for a p90!

Chris says:

For your first smd job it looks great! looking forward to seeing a test video or the like up. Where did you get the PCBs done?

Jens Willy Johannsen says:

@Shawn: Yes, it works pretty well. I'll post an update soon. The only change I made was to use a separate IR LED and photo transistor insted of a photo interrupter.

@Chris: Thanks :) And I got it made here:

Shawn says:

Awesome I can't wait to see this.
Will work great on my p90!

Shawn says:

Please. 10 months and no update?

I would really love to get this for my p90's!!!

Let me know if your up for releasing kits!

Thank You

Jens Willy Johannsen says:

Sorry, man. I wrote a follow-up here:

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