Eagle3D layout

Here is a 3D model of the board created with Eagle3D (here's a tutorial and here's some information about getting it to work on Mac OS X):

Eagle3D model of the Airsoft Rounds Counter PCB (click for larger version)

3 comments on "Eagle3D layout"
Shawn says:

Wow let me know when you have this running?
I leave for afghanistan in 2 weeks. Won't have a chance to build untill maybe june.

But will be following!!

Shawn says:

Me again

I started this on the forums haha.

Anyway. a thought!
Airsofters have used tracer silencers for a long time. basicly used the same trigger mechs.

If one wanted both options I dont see why you could pull the signal from the tracer unit itselfs.

Otherwise this could be build into a nice flash supressor or a stand alone tracer

Jens Willy Johannsen says:

The original plan was to build everything into a silencer but I think now I will mount the photo interrupter inside a short silencer and then put the display and electronics in the stock of the gun. It won't be quite as portable but I won't have to have a 5mm cable running to the display unit – just four wires thin wires to the photo interrupter (three, actually. I can join the cathode and emitter wires together).

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