Continuing work on the simple-simple setup, I needed to connect the GE865 to the breadboard. And preferably in a non-permanent way.

I decided to go with 0.1" MOLEX connectors and I chose to use three connectors (only two of which is connected in the simple setup).

The connections are as follows:

8-pin MOLEX: control and communication

1 brown GND
2 red VBATT
3 orange ON_OFF
4 yellow STAT_LED
5 green C103/TXD
6 blue C104/RXD
7 purple PWRMON
8 gray RESET

6-pin MOLEX: SIM

1 brown GND
2 red SIMVCC
3 orange SIMIO
4 yellow SIMRST
5 green SIMCLK
6 blue SIMIN


1 brown EAR-
2 red EAR+
3 orange MIC-
4 yellow MIC+
I soldered the SIM card holder to a perf board and connected capacitors to the ground (10 pF on the SIMVCC line and 33 pF on IO, RST and CLK) and connected the SIMIN to ground (meaning "yes, SIM card is inserted").
It looks like this:

(click to view large size)

(click to view large size)

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